[Final Release] RVM Integrator 1.6

The RVM Integrator was created by picking the mind of RyanVM of msfn.org. It allows you to actually slipstream windows hotfixes and third party software directly into a windows install disk. This is unlike any other software out there that claims to do this. It allows advanced users to create simple UpdatePack/Addons for others to use to slipstream things to their disks.

[Final Release] RVM Integrator 1.6

Postby 5eraph » Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:44 pm

This release is overdue... for which I would like to apologize. I'm still learning.

This may be "Final," but we're not done yet. ;)

Download:Current Localization Files:Known Issues:Changelog:
  • 1.6 - Current release. (5eraph)
    • "Optimize System Files Now" changes:
      • (bug 5) - An audio signal (SystemAsterisk) is sent to the user upon completion.
      • (bug 6) - Should now work for x64 and Itanium sources in addition to x86 sources.
      • "Browse for Folder" window is now resizable.
      • Additional logging.
    • "Use Cached driver.cab" changes:
      • (bug 8) - Now distinguishes between 18 different OS types instead of just "Home", "Pro" and "2k3"; not including service pack levels which bumps the possible variants to 64.
        • This enhancement should allow for addons and update packs that are more flexible in the future.
        • This is a bugfix for those who want to cache driver.cab for both the x86 and x64 varieties XP Pro SP2.
        • As a consequence, unless you use the workarounds below, this will invalidate all cached driver.cab files created by previous versions of the Integrator. Sorry. :(
          • Workarounds to preserve your caches in ".\Plugins\CACHED\":
            • "HomeSP?" should be renamed "icSP?", where "?" is the service pack level.
            • "ProSP3" should be renamed "ipSP3".
            • "ProSP2" for XP x86 should be renamed "ipSP2".
            • "ProSP2" for XP x64 should be renamed "apSP2".
            • "2k3SP?" should be deleted. Too many possibilities exist to properly advise.
      • Fixed code responsible for recording Name and Version information in DriverCab.ini.
        • Should now recognize INF files from all update packs known to me. Would previously only read RVMUpPck.inf.
        • Removed quadruplicate code.
    • When RVMi acts upon a [FileCopy] directive, it now writes "Copying Files Found In..." instead of "Moving Files Found In..." to the log.
    • Reorganized log startup and shutdown InfoStrings for clarity.

  • 1.5.4 beta 12 - (5eraph)
    • Localization files need updating again.
      • Added $LNG_2324 variable.
    • Significant changes to the service pack slipstreaming routine:
      • Now handles service pack network installation files with spaces (issue 9, as reported by Stimpy), for those who rename Microsoft's files. ;)
      • Eliminated duplicate/triplicate code.
      • Much improved logging.
      • SystemAsterisk sound added for when user interaction is required during integration.
    • Further refined source detection code for efficiency and readability.
      • Fixed Windows 2000 detection code... hopefully. I don't have a Windows 2000 source to test against.
      • Removed checks for "Upgrade" license sources since the checks were specific to XP x86 SP2, and no addon or update pack is built specifically to cater to such sources.
      • Removed the old source checking code completely in favor of the newly refactored code.

  • 1.5.4 beta 11 - (5eraph)
    • Completely rewrote the OS detection routine to (hopefully) correct problems detecting localized sources.
      • The Integrator now reads cdtagfile and spcdtagfile from Layout.inf to detect most OSes.
      • Should now be able to detect Windows NT4 sources, even though NT4 is not supported for integration.

  • 1.5.4 beta 10.1 - Limited release. (code65536)
    • Diagnostic information is written to the log for cabinet extractions.
      • Info is always written to the log for cabinets containing multiple files or when zero files are extracted.
      • Info is not written for cabinets containing one file if successful.
    • The Integrator now gives an audible signal (SystemAsterisk) at the end of integration.

  • 1.5.4 beta 10 - (5eraph)
    • Source and update pack service pack levels are now properly compared using numbers instead of strings.
    • DrvIndex.inf building routine now adds driver32.cab information for x64 sources, making the RVMi fix addon for the XPx64SP2 update pack unnecessary.
      • The easiest way to get the file list is to expand driver32.cab. Auto-update code has not yet been implemented. [FileMove] must be used to update driver32.cab until then.
    • Updated and adjusted formatting of About tab for consistency.

  • 1.5.4 beta 9 - (YumeYao)
    • [CreateCab] now cleans up after itself again.
    • Typographical error with $LNG_0803 corrected.

  • 1.5.4 beta 8.5 - (5eraph)
    • Localization files need updating.
      • Updated $LNG_0800 and $LNG_0801 variables.
      • Added $LNG_0802, $LNG_0803 and $LNG_2350 variables.
    • Updated RyanVM Update Pack version checking code.
      • File name checks updated for new names with SP numbers.
      • INF %NAME% string check updated for new names with SP numbers.
    • Service pack level check routine changes:
      • Changed some language written to log for clarity.
      • Removed checks for which no actions were defined.
      • RVMi now terminates with exit code 1 when service pack slipstream attempt fails.
      • Added a check for when source service pack level was too high for chosen update pack.
      • RVMi terminates with exit code 1 when source service pack level is too high for chosen update pack.
    • Changed behavior of [obsolete] section to be more predictable.
      • For example, suppose we specify "KB960000"...
        • Old behavior: Removes "KB960000*", including KB960000-IE7.cat and KB960000-v2.cat.
        • New behavior: Removes only "KB960000.cat", "KB960000.ca_", "KB960000.exe" and "KB960000.ex_".
    • "Browse for Source" window is now resizable.
    • Source detection function Windows($RootDir) now looks in the proper place for x64 files SetupP.ini and PIDGen.dll.
    • Long file name warnings are no longer thrown in the log file for x64 sources.

  • 1.5.4 beta 8.4 - (ENU_user)
    • Issued fileflags fix (Support for HD base installs)

  • 1.5.4 beta 8.3
    • Avoided UPX compression to reduce possible false positive reactions by AV software.
    • ReadDirectoryAsArray (1.5.4 beta 8.2: over-fix )
    • OSIdent on Log's Startup (1.5.4 beta 8.2: over-fix)

  • 1.5.4 beta 8.1 - (code65536)
    • Improved CabLite's logging
    • Replaced PEChecksum.exe with a direct call
    • Fixed two minor typos
    • Updated the El Torito boot sector with the one from the latest AIK
    • Fixed a few intermittent bugs caused by unreliable STDOUT scraping

  • 1.5.4 beta 8 - (code65536, Siginet)
    • Major update to replace MakeCab.exe from Vista with code65536's CabLite.dll.
    • Fixes for stability and UI cleanup.

  • 1.5.4 beta 7.1 - (Siginet)
    • Correction for @WININFO macro variable when used with the [RunFile] directive.

  • 1.5.4 beta 7 - (Siginet)
    • Bugfixes:
      • Files that are moved into Driver.cab when caching is enabled are now deleted when the cache is validated and used.
      • CMPNENTS folder is now copied to the destination directory by the Integrator if found in the source directory.
      • Stopped the use of UPX compression to prevent false positives by antivirus software.
      • More files are automatically given entries for [FileFlags] in TxtSetup.sif to help with installations started with WinNT32.exe.
      • [Obsolete_Files] and [Obsolete_Entries] directives no longer mistakenly remove files similar to those specified for removal.
      • More Sleep delays used in file processing loops to help prevent random crashes.
    • Enhancements:
      • The Integrator now automatically checks for certain files at the root of the source before looking in the I386 and AMD64 folders for the following directives: [DeleteLinesWith], [EditFile], [ExtraFileEdits] and [KeyDelete].
      • More macro variables are now available for use with the [RunFile] directive by update pack and addon creators:
        • @RVMiLog - Returns the path to the Integrator's current log file. This should make it easy for addon creators to have their addons write directly to the log file.
        • @WIN - (enhancement) - Returns the Windows type located at the destination directory (Pro, Home, 2k3, 2000 or OTHER) and now places "-64" at the end if it is an x64 source.
        • @WININFO - Returns the full Windows information of the path being integrated. This is the same info you see on the main GUI of the Integrator when you select a source.
      • The @DESTINATION macro variable can now be used with many more directives in Entries*.ini: [CreateCab], [DeleteLinesWith], [EditFile], [ExpandCab], [ExtraFileEdits], [HexEdit] and [KeyDelete].

  • 1.5.4 beta 6 - (Siginet)
    • Bugfixes:
      • More files are automatically given entries for [FileFlags] in TxtSetup.sif to help with installations started with WinNT32.exe.
      • More Sleep delays used in file processing loops to help prevent random crashes.
      • The Integrator will now automatically add the following code to DOSNet.inf, if missing, if a SVCPACK directory is found in the working destination or in an addon/update pack.
        Code: Select all
    • Macro variables are now available for use with the [RunFile] directive by update pack and addon creators:
      • @DESTINATION - The path to the main working directory: I386 for x86 or AMD64 for x64.
      • @LANG - Returns the localized language of the destination as defined in ProdSpec.ini.
      • @ROOT - The path where the working I386 directory and the CD tagfiles can be found (the root of the CD/DVD).
      • @SP - Returns the service pack level of the working directory: SP1, SP2, etc.
      • @WIN - Returns the Windows type located at the destination directory: Pro, Home, 2k3, 2000 or OTHER.

  • 1.5.4 beta 5.1 - (Siginet)
    • Fixed the issue with [FileFlags] for troublesome files.

  • 1.5.4 beta 5 - (Siginet)
    • Stopped adding files specified in the [txtsetup_files] directive to [FileFlags] in TxtSetup.sif since it wasn't working as expected.
    • Some troublesome files are now automatically given entries for [FileFlags] in TxtSetup.sif to help with installations started with WinNT32.exe.
      • Thanks to ENU_user and YumeYao for their help!
    • Changed the method used to fix the WBEMOC.inf issue for SP3 integrations.
      • Thanks to ENU_user for his help!
    • CD tagfiles are now copied to the destination earlier in the integration process.
    • Fixed the issue with the [obsolete_files] directive where specified files with file extensions of two characters were not being removed properly.

  • 1.5.4 beta 4 - (Siginet)
    • All files added with the [txtsetup_files] directive are now also placed in the [FileFlags] section of TxtSetup.sif and given the value of 16.
    • Hopefully fixed the memory leak issue.
    • Unicode support should be much better.
    • A [HexEdit] directive issue was fixed where the PEChecksum of an edited file was sometimes not automatically corrected.
    • Kal of RyanVM.net is brought onboard as an assistant developer.
      • Thanks, Kal!!!

  • 1.5.4 beta 3 - (Siginet)
    • Now using MakeCab.exe from Windows Vista x86 to hopefully fix instability present in earlier betas.

  • 1.5.4 beta 2.1 - (Siginet)
    • Recompiled beta 2 source due to a memory leak which was causing instability.

  • 1.5.4 beta 2 - (Siginet)
    • WBEMOC.inf fix should be working 100% now.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing some CAB files to be compressed as CA_ files.
    • Files inside the x64_I386 directory will now be automatically shifted into I386. (Not tested.)
    • TxtSetup files that are marked with an underscore ( _ ) which indicates a non-compressible file will now automatically increment the dircode if the dircode is already in use.

  • 1.5.4 beta 1 - (Siginet)
    • Unspecified changes.
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Postby Siginet » Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:50 pm


We will need to update the info at:

It's best if we gather as much of the changes since 1.5.3 and put them in the changelog.

Once it is posted there I will contact betanews.com and msfn about our latest release. ;)

A big THANK YOU to the whole RVM Integrator Development Team!!!
Windows XP PowerPacker Reviewed in PC-Quest & PC Utilities magazines!
RVM Integrator Reviewed in CPU magazine and Maximum PC!
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Postby choman » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:24 pm

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Postby user_hidden » Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:49 am

great job team.
really appreciated.


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Postby galileo » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:57 am

5eraph wrote:This release is overdue... for which I would like to apologize. I'm still learning.

No apology needed - the effort more than speaks for itself !!!

Thank you and everyone who contirbuted very much for the astounding amount of good will embodied in everyone's contribution... :)


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Postby ianymaty » Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:14 pm

Hi Siginet and hi to all...
Thank you for the new version!
As my contribution to the community here are the Romanian translations for RVM_Integrator_1.6.
As usual, I made two versions, one with romanian diacritics and one without the diacritics.

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Postby ChiefZeke » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:51 pm

Good job folks - a lot of work went into this. :)
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Postby 5eraph » Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:34 am

You're welcome, and thanks for the compliments and localization files, everybody. :)

I've added the rest of the changelog for those interested--from 1.5.4_b01 to 1.5.4_b08.
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Postby yumeyao » Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:27 am


my network is down. don't know when it will be ok.

BTW, is there a complete changelog from 1.5.3 to 1.6?
I can write one later.... as i don't have a direct internet access these days, i'm free from hard stuffs.. and as i'm composing a full changelog, i believe i can learn a lot of programming.
there are several changes made and cancelled, so they can be excluded in a formal changelog.
and i plan to write it in detail.

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Postby 5eraph » Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:30 am

The complete changelog is already here in the first post, YumeYao. I just finished transcribing it two hours ago. ;)
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