Bears win Costa, Ramos night white - Review Lega

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Bears win Costa, Ramos night white - Review Lega

Postby tom » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:39 pm

La Liga Review

Sunday 15 April 2018

ALI BAR - Alaska (5 pm)

Jose Mendelio, the manager of the Eiffel Cup, said the midfielder Papi Hardman had a flat penalty, but had to wait for the French midfielder Rafael Nadal on the left wing. Quarterback with Franco midfield still rehabilitated.

Louis Suspension trainer Aliala relief on Ibegome, winged line lost. At the same time, welcome to the Cabrio Laguardia fitness test. While the offensive came in the lead, Nani El Hadad paired up with John Gretzetti.


Ecuador won 2-0.

At Madrid - Levante (21.15)

Diego Serie A Atletico Madrid do not have Thomas, the wing wing of the rising free-kick, waiting for the check. Diego Costa striker pro with Jose Ceskez. Sure Hope to leave to Greece Antoine Munn team goalscoring.

Juan Ramos Moonz, Levante, Lackey, right back Kokko with the left flank, Benzene left the penalty, both of them with Antonio Luna left back, collapsed, hard to join with Ibn Lopez. Right in the middle of the rehabilitation.sbobet777
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