Slipstream SP3 "Entry Point" Error

The RVM Integrator was created by picking the mind of RyanVM of It allows you to actually slipstream windows hotfixes and third party software directly into a windows install disk. This is unlike any other software out there that claims to do this. It allows advanced users to create simple UpdatePack/Addons for others to use to slipstream things to their disks.

Postby 5eraph » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:59 pm

ENU_user wrote:there is actually a problem when using: "slipstream during integration "
this feature simply doesn't run correctly (call it a bug if you will .. its an old One. )


if its an SP'less source or an old sp2 that does not match with the required "Entry Point" that's where the error will show up

since there is code that checks the "Entry point" right after the updatepack extract the slipstream won't launch

obviously the slipstream must be complete before any updatepack "Entry point" checkups or before any other changes

I've never encountered this problem, but it should no longer exist with the changes I've made for beta 12. If there's still a problem then a new bug should be filed on the tracker.
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Postby 360freq » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:46 pm

5eraph -- on a Win2000 PC I tried to slipstream from
*Slipstream ServicePack now
*Slipstream SP during an Updatepack Integration (with addons etc)

Error msg came up both ways.

ENU_user -- using the prompt I extracted Win2000 Sp4.exe.

from Sp4's Update folder the only file (*.dll or *.exe) that matches anything in
SP3's Update folder besides "Update.exe" (which can't be swapped) is:
"spcustom.dll" .. and the file sizes are different.

so I guess there's nothing really to replace.. and this alternative is not an option.
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Postby ENU_user » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:22 pm

with my suggestion I meant copying the all the (*.exe *.dll) to that folder regardless to replacements also making sure you can place the update.exe from win2000SP4 there
perhaps make a backup to the update folder before .. and create a new update folder with the needed files

its seems to me you understood how perhaps this could help so I'm guessing you tried it but then did you still get that same error ? or the command simply failed to execute because of those changes ? Does a SP2 slipstreaming work for you ?

if it does you could try getting those files from sp2 to further experiment the issue
if that still wont help it might be something unique to sp3 pack that doesn't agree with some win2000 runtime routine .etc

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Postby Siginet » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:25 pm

This is gonna have to be something the we will need to look into. But if it is a limitation created by microsoft there may not be much we could do. Unless we went away with using the microsoft /integrate switch alltogether and had the integrator extract and replace the files like it does with updatepacks. But that may be more work than it benefits.
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Postby code65536 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:47 pm

CreateActCtx creates an activation context for application/assembly manifests. Manifests were introduced in XP, and Win2K simply contains none of the APIs for working with activation contexts. Programs designed to be compatible with 2K will dynamically link to these context functions at run-time. Programs that assume that the user will be using XP or higher will take a "shortcut" and statically link to them at compile-time. If a program links to CreateActCtxW with a compile-time import table, it will never work on 2K unless you re-compile the program and modify it to use run-time linking. In other words, this is a problem that you cannot work around.

2K is a dinosaur. Even if you don't like XP's eye candy (which you can disable 2K3-style by disabling the theming service as I do), 5.1 includes a number of important under-the-hood kernel/system changes, and if configured right, 5.1 can be as light on the resource footprint as 5.0. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to use 5.0.

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Postby 360freq » Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:08 am

thanks to all of you. other folks told me to try Autostreamer or nLite.. but code65536's reply nails it down:
CreateActCtx .. create-activation-context.

i've been bashed for using w2k on other's oK. I have it running for convenience - cause it's worked well for so long and this Gateway is 6+ years old. I have new hardware and drives for the XP install - just wanted to get as much work out of the Integrator now since i'm involved in it.

ENU_user -- sorry I forgot to make full reply.. yes, the extract cmd worked to open up the SP3.exe - but the update cmd "-S:C:\XPCD" immediately gave me the same Entry Point error. thanks guys are great. we all learned something.

before dealing with the ServicePack 3, I used my XP-SP2 Pro source files (405mb) to integrate Ryan's Post-Sp2 update (50mb) along with some other addons (115mb). that's 570mb compressed via the Integrator and the ISO came out to 408mb. so this was to experiment if integrator could somehow squeeze SP3 in there to fit on a CD. ~que sera
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Re: Slipstream SP3 "Entry Point" Error

Postby phannson88 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:10 am

It sounds like a problem with the service pack executable, not the Integrator. .NET does not need to be installed to run the Integrator or slipstream a service pack. The service pack executable can be wherever you'd like; the full path to the source must be provided in the command line.

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