"Nino" points out the CL stars are good - "Yuveline, Roma" m

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"Nino" points out the CL stars are good - "Yuveline, Roma" m

Postby tom » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:06 am

Brazil national team legend It's a good thing for the football team to break the UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona stand a leg to the semi finalists. After the home win, Roma won 4-1 in the last 8 games of the first round.

However, their second game against Roma came to a close when Roma won 3-0.

"What happened was interesting," Rivetti said of the incident. "As I played for Barcelona and Barcelona fans. I regret what happened. "

"But we should understand that football is not only Barcelona and Real Madrid anymore."

"Real Madrid almost fall as well. This is great for football. And for other clubs. Because they can see that Barcelona and Madrid are not superior. "

"I mean what I can do with Roma. I guess no one would say that now. Madrid is definitely the champion, "he said.

Finals Madrid will meet with Bayern Munich, the other pair is Roma to meet Liverpool.188bet
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