OEMSCAN in PowerPack with MCE and Tablet?

Windows XP PowerPacker is a program I made to help users create Universal Windows XP Disks. It allows you to install any kind of XP edition on any computer without the need to install drivers and it packs everything onto one disk!

OEMSCAN in PowerPack with MCE and Tablet?

Postby sathanas65 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:18 am

I am making a PowerPack with XP Home, Pro, MCE and Tablet, OEM, Retail and Corporate. It will include attended versions with nothing but updates integrated and also versions with multi-OEM SLP preactivation and Driver Packs.

The first problem I ran into was that PowerPacker wrote CMPNENTS folders into the root folder of all builds, even Home version, so OEMSCAN saw XP Pro as MCE. That was solved by manually removing the CMPNENTS folder from Pro and Home folders.

The problem I am working on now is how to support OEMSCAN with both MCE and Tablet versions on the same disk. Since the OEM folder in the PowerPack is shared, I can't make key ini files for both MCE and Tablet. I need to be able to divide Tablet in some way from the rest and have it use it's own OEM folder.

Is there some way to ditch the shared OEM folder and use individual OEM folders?

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