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Reporter reveals 'small kicks' have accidentally locked the car home
Italian journalist Pietro Oleototte reveals the story of Alexis Sanchez Pike, a pianist of Manchester United, who has long since traveled home after locking his car.
Ole Otto comes in a magazine.United
The story of Udinese's 29-year-old star who expressed commitment. ลิ้ ง sbo :(
"The first season with Udinese was thin and he played the right flank," said Oleo Otto.
"The clash in the penalty area was heavy for him, but the team needed him in the middle and closer to the door to take advantage of his ball."
"He started the gym and the team did the gym. After rehearsing, he will attend the gym for two hours a day. "
"I remember seeing him half way through Pre-Season. I'm shocked that he muscles up that size. "
Ole Ootto has another story to tell. "There was one day after the rehearsal Alexis drove into Udine to buy a car, but accidentally locked the car with the keys locked to the phone."
"Most people do, but I do not know, but you run home and run jogging 8 kilometers from the city center home to the man. I saw him in the rehearsal, he was puzzled and called. This is Alexis. Crisis is a chance run across the world. "
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