"E" Glamico "at the Camp Nou.

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"E" Glamico "at the Camp Nou.

Postby tom » Sun May 06, 2018 10:39 pm

"El Globo" at the Camp Nou Camp on Sunday night. In addition to the 2-2 draw, the referee's point is probably the most talked about after the game.

Even though Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez gave the red card directly to the keeper. Roberts in injury time will be seen as brave and accurate. But there are several strokes that he blurts sighted. The temperature of the game boils.

The first is from the sixth at Marcelo to raise the ball for Ronaldo to fall out. But the offside.

However, when viewed from a slower image. The assistant and the referee are very sympathetic.

The next 45 minutes + 1 that Bel try to run to share the ball with. But it looks like he will be treading on the French defender.

Barca players out loud. Last but not least, the 35-year-old has not survived.

Then, shortly before the first half, he handed over a red card to Roberto. The striker back to the action to punch out the Marcelo squad.

The second half in the Barcelona to get a 2-1 lead from the starting point of Suarez kick to cut the legs.

There is no whistle for the Uruguayan to play. Before the ball to Messi took to shoot the net.

The final 75 minutes at the scoreboard is always at 2-2. Marcelo hit the Albanian kick in the penalty area. Madrid strive to win the penalty. But the referee does not blow. Barca survived.sb0bet
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