Turning off Windows 10 Updates to save Hard Drive Space?

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Turning off Windows 10 Updates to save Hard Drive Space?

Postby williamhawk » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:33 am

Quick question, I have a laptop that I'm giving to family. The hard drive only has 128GB (it's an SSD). I want to save them some hard drive space by just installing Windows 10 updates now, and then turning it off permanently by going through the Admin Tools in Control Panel. The two main reasons I want to turn it off for them is to 1) save them hard drive space since the updates take up a lot of space it seems and 2) Some Windows updates cause conflicts and since the people I am giving the laptop to are not the best with computers I don't want them having any issues (and also causing me to have to go there and fix it for them).

My question is, I heard that Windows 10 is a "service" and if I turn off Windows updates that Windows 10 may stop working in the future if it can't update itself. Is this true?
Please Help.
Thanks !
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