Getafe give Atletico hope in Camp Nou draw

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Getafe give Atletico hope in Camp Nou draw

Postby kongpheara » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:16 pm

Barcelona dropped points at home for just the second time this season in LaLiga after being held to a surprising 0-0 draw by visiting Getafe on Sunday afternoon at the Camp Nou.The visitors from the capital frustrated the hosts throughout with a strong defensive agent sbobet performance and earned a result that trims Barcelona's lead over Atletico Madrid in the league table to just seven points.It was a different looking starting XI from manager Ernesto Valverde, with Yerry Mina getting his first start in a Barcelona shirt, agent sbobet while usual left-back Lucas Digne slotted in at centre-back in place of the suspended Samuel Umtiti. In midfield and attack, Philippe Coutinho got the nod on the strength of his midweek Copa performance, while Paco Alcacer joined the forward line. agent sbobet
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