FM20ENU.DLL error after SP3

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FM20ENU.DLL error after SP3

Postby aaaa » Sun Sep 23, 2007 3:59 pm

After slipstreaming SP3 into Office 2003 Enterprise PT-BR (Portuguese Brazilian), install cannot continue, asking to insert office CD for FM20ENU.DLL.

Tried to remove all references of it in PRO11.MSI with Orca, without success.

Seems that this error also occours with other languages.

Anyone found a solution to this?

Thanks in advance and keep up your good work!
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Slipstream Office 2003 SP3

Postby PDL707 » Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:10 pm

Megatronics reported the following in the MSN forum. “In a Dutch forum, an user Jp2x, came with the working option. Just leave the name of the CD blank and it will install without any problems. No MSI patches are needed.”

I tried a blank CD name and it worked. I also found that if you use a CD name without any spaces in it, it works. I used OFF2003SP3 for the CD name and it worked. A longer name may cause problems, but I did not test it.

I never was able to make SP2 work with KB920103 (InfoPath) slipstreamed. I went back and tried that with a CD name without spaces, and it worked.
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