hi web form question

FGCBA is a utility designed to build addon CABs by processing the entries.ini file and any dependant files referenced by it. It can also check addon CABs for errors to minimize the chance for failed installations. (AddonPacks are for use with the RVMIntegrator or nLite.)

hi web form question

Postby williamhawk » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:44 am

hi i have been used to programming my web pages to send me feedback by using the post command and emailing it to me. I have recently made my brother a website which includes a basic booking form, the form works perfectly when using stand alone Internet explorer, but put it in an AOL browser window and the submit button doesn't work, this is becuse it opens AOl's email software.
My brother would like the website to work in AOL!! Now i know you can use Cgi-bins to process web forms but could anybody point me in the direction of a tutorial for them because my knowledge of them is really poor. (i have tried searching for one but i haven't been able to find anything straight forward)
Better still if anybody knows of an easier work around for this AOL problem then i would be most greatful.

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