Any of you guys contribute creative/ideas to society?

CreateurAddOn is a utility created by vier of msfn. It was created to help users create AddonPacks made for the RyanVM Integrator.

Any of you guys contribute creative/ideas to society?

Postby williamhawk » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:49 am

I swear I see everything we've gained exponentially in just the past few years and it makes me wonder. what the fuk is next?

you guys do anything maybe on the creative side of things besides trying to get by and through the day?

I am currently watching a cartoon called Samurai'd think it was just a silly/simple cartoon but its really brilliant from the artwork to the storyline. sometimes I wish I had a vision like some of these guys out there. Even when it comes to creating stories in general.

whatever, all i'm saying is....are you working on anything to leave behind on this planet? a legacy? something you're proud of at work?

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